The tour will take place at a special dedicated shooting range established by local shooter volunteers for their own training and competitions (the location will be closed to the public due to private property). Both handgun and rifle targets can be aimed at a maximum distance of 50 meters. Due to the distance from the Tumon and Tamuning areas where our guests stay (major hotels), the range will be open only once a day.

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Currently, there is no running water at the range. Please bring your own bottles of water.

Due to travel time and the fact that we will be conducting the tour together with other customers, the tour content and time required will be as follows.

Tours are available for one person or more.

Tour days: Everyday

Pick-up time at your hotel: 09:00 (-09:20)
Total duration of live-fire tours: 4 to 7 hours

All tours include transportation to and from the range, a photo session at the office, a pre-safety course, transportation to the range, and instructional shooting fees.

* Actual time required for shooting may vary due to differences in courses (number of ammunition, etc.) with other customers participating on the same day. We will do our best to adjust the pace so that everyone can enjoy the event, but it is possible that you may have to wait until all the participants have finished shooting.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

* If you are using a rental car, you are free to leave the shooting range after the tour (shooting). You can leave at any time.

Thank you very much for your understanding and cooperation.

  • We accept applications from any number of people. (*Please make reservations at least two weeks in advance for groups of five or more people.)

  • All payments are to be made locally in Guam. Please pay by cash (USD) or credit card (VISA, Master) (traveler’s checks are not accepted).

  • Please make reservations through the web at least 3 days in advance.

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    *If you have children under 12 years old (11 years old or younger), various seats are required for pick-up and drop-off (rental fee: $12/seat). Please be sure to indicate your child's age, height, and weight in the remarks box. Please also let us know if you can bring your own baby seat, car seat, or booster seat.

    Pick-up and Drop-off

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    Each course includes all gun rental fees, training fees, and transportation fees, except range fees.

    Plinking Course

    CQB Tactical Course

    *If there are 8 or more participants, please select your preferred course in advance to make the tour easier to enjoy.

    Children, regardless of age, are also charged $30 as a visitor, even if they do not shoot.

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